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Bentley's Blog

Bentley came to K&S Staffing Searching for a job he could be proud of. After the interview and speaking with the big boss, we decided he would be a perfect fit for our office. He is in charge of making us smile; keeping everyone’s spirits bright and making sure we always have a positive attitude. He is able to not only do those tasks, but goes above and beyond in doing them! He helps not just us, but everyone that walks through the door. He comes in every morning with a sparkle in his eyes and a bounce in his step. We feel he is a positive role model for all employees. Bentley love going to visit clients, meeting new associates and learning all parts of the staffing industry. Bentley being the social butterfly he is encourages everyone to swing by and say hi. He loves visiting and learning all he can about everyone.


    Office Mascot

    Bentley is licensed and although he doesn’t have a pedigree, he comes from a background for service and support. He is new to the staffing industry, but is catching on quickly.

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